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Well that was a nice day off

from the hospital. My port-a-cath got a big crack in it so it's back tomorrow to get it replaced. Outpatient surgery though, so it's no huge big deal. I KNEW it broke though, I could feel it. Those little fuckers are tough as shit so it takes a lot of pounding.

In other news, I got to watch 'Were the World Mine' this morning and it made me happy. Love that movie so much.

shitfire I don't want to step foot in the hospital again for a long time, even if it's just for a few hours.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween:) Time to strip the skeletons and witches down and slowly incorporate Christmas decorations into the fall/Thanksgiving displays until it completely takes over.
Hi neglected journal. Updates. see, I waited long enough between entries that I have updates now!

Well, I'm in my first semester of college and I hate it basically. But it's better than um. ...stuff?

My cancer has come back, gone, and came back since my last post. It's still back. I finished a trial of chemo that was particularly brutal on my body and had no effect on the cancer so I'm on a new drug now along with radiation. Plus side is that it doesn't cause hairloss. Negative side is that I'm going through that awkward growing back phase and it's coming in RED! Red! I love gingers but really? Also, my eyebrows aren't coming back. Wtf, face?

I live by myself with my boxer, Roxie Hart. She's a princess. I think she has royal blood. If not, she should.

And that's it. Not much else has changed. I'm still into the same stuff. I'm currently watching American Horror Story because it's AMAZING. Oh and I love Modern Family now. Also Glee. And New Girl even though it's really not that great, but something about it appeals to me. Oh and Toddlers & Tiaras OMGSHUDDUPIDONTKNOWWHY. I have a defense though. My mom made me watch a few episodes with her because one of her friends' daughters was on it quite a bit and so yeah, it just happened. I got addicted:(

I have a boyfriend. He moved to Chicago two months ago though so that's not working out well anymore.

currently, I'm very sick so I probably won't be getting any treatments until next week. I feel ok right now but earlier I forgot the word 'mom'. I called my mom 'lady'. Though to be fair I call her that often anyway. She's a nice lady.
What's worse: a pit of snakes or a pit of spiders?
omg spiders. At least there's a chance of being able to keep some composer in a pit of snakes. You can try to be bad ass and control them because you read Harry Potter and you just *know* you're a parselmouth. No one stands a chance in a pit of spiders. It would turn even the baddest ass into a screaming weeping scrotum of tears.

Plus you'd end up squishing some spiders and that's just nasty. And their family would try to avenge them by getting in your mouth and other orifices.


it's 11 degrees here right now and i have a soccer game. isn't that considered abuse or something?

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